Is there a proposed project where there is distrust among the stakeholders (those people who will be affected by the project)?

Effective collaboration as described in the Collaborative Land Use Planning guidebook is designed to work without an outside facilitator. Sometimes, however, stakeholders are so deeply divided about a certain project that it is hard to get started — there is too much distrust.

A public presentation about how to improve relationships and collaborate effectively can work to jump-start the process. When all stakeholders attend the presentation together, they understand it, they hear their perceived adversaries say they would be willing to try it, and they realize that this process is the best way for everyone to achieve their goals.

Anyone who reads Collaborative Land Use Planning can initiate a public presentation about collaboration — regardless of your expertise with land use decision-making. A sample promotional flyer, plus guidelines for how to attract the right audience and prepare the presentation room, and a sample press release will help you set up an effective presentation. You can make this presentation yourself or you can schedule Karl Kehde to make the presentation. To discuss your particular situation, e-mail info@landuse.org. Karl does not charge for this presentation. Realizing how to trust is his journey, too.

The CD that comes with the Collaborative Land Use Planning guidebook gives you a 12-minute video portion of Karl Kehde giving a similar presentation and a 38-minute audio of the same presentation. It will give you an idea of what a public presentation to your group, community, or conference would be like. You can watch a 55 second Quicktime video clip of the presentation. (1.93 MB). If needed, download the Quicktime player.


Karl Kehde doesn’t only teach, he empowers — that is his greatest strength. Karl has given us all the tools, knowledge and support we need to begin to better our community. He has not come in and taken over our collaborative effort; he has come in and given us the knowledge we need. Karl has helped us to see that we don’t have to sit back and watch our town get developed; we have the power to get the community involved in the actual planning and development process!”

Donna Griff, Township Committee, Byram, NJ