A guidebook for building trust and achieving effective collaboration among neighbors, developers, city planners, and environmentalists

landuse planning guidebook

Eight chapters show you the way:

Plus an Appendix and a CD full of forms you can use:

  • Checklist of community-enhancing features
  • Cutouts of recreational facilities and buildings
  • Planning Board Letter to developers
  • Planning Board Letter to neighbors
  • Invitation to a stakeholders meeting
  • Sample Agenda for a stakeholders meeting
  • Update Letter to the planning board after the stakeholders meeting
  • Consensus Checklist :The basis for (re)building trust
  • Collaborative Planning Guidelines for the planning board to adopt

Complete with sample meeting agendas and hundreds of remarkable testimonials, the Collaborative Land Use Planning guidebook by Karl Kehde is the result of twelve years of hands-on learning and teaching in 48 land developments in as many different communities in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Washington. The research was funded by some twenty philanthropic foundations including the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Victoria Foundation, and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

This citizen’s guidebook provides all land development stakeholders with proven, do-it-yourself procedures for rebuilding trust and for designing and gaining approvals for community-enhancing land development that specifically improves local property values, reduces traffic congestion, enhances natural and historic resources, and builds community spirit.

Download the chapters and forms for Free. Or order the book and CD.

The interactive CD includes each of the forms in the Appendix ready for customization and other useful audio and video information.